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Avoiding Fashion Faux Pas

Are you lost when it comes to fashion? Some of us simply have no idea what to do when it comes to fashion, and that's okay. You do want to look your best, however, and getting up to speed on your basic fashion is not really all that difficult. Following the latest fashions every season is completely unnecessary. Just keep in mind the basics that are reviewed here, and you'll do just fine. This article is mostly geared toward men, as they tend to have the hardest time when it comes to getting down a basic fashion sense.

Establishing a foundation for fashion often involves making a list of hard and fast no-no's. Once you've got the no-no list down, you can feel free to experiment, but it is very important that you know what to avoid. A very well put together outfit can fall completely apart given one awkward faux pas. You want to establish an image of someone who is crisp and well put together, with enough sense to dress with at least an edge of fashion statement.

First of all, for a guy, strongly consider investing in a couple of good pairs of jeans. When I say "good" jeans, I mean jeans that have some style to them. Avoid buying the cheap Walmart variety. What you need are a pair of jeans with something to them, like a sandblasted pattern, or some slight vintage fading to them. Probably most important of all, however, is to avoid the tapered or straight leg cut of jean. Actually, the most important factor is to make sure they are long enough. High waters or tightly tapered fits are going to instantly destroy any aire of fashion.

When shopping for the jeans, you definitely want to try them on. Move around and try different postures in the fitting room. The sit down test is one very important posture to try out. If the jeans rise up over your shoes and socks are visible, you need a longer fit. A relaxed or boot cut fit is also important to have with jeans. The tapered look tends to get pulled into your shoes, and it really looks kind of rediculous.

Once you have the jeans down, you'll want to work a little bit in the shirt department. Avoid Hawaiian prints, of course. Simple T-shirts with tasteful graphic designs are a good choice, but avoid large designs, as these tend to draw too much attention. Also avoid any vulgar or cliched designs as these are not the best fashion.

When it comes to shirts, do not tuck anything in. If you're going to wear a buttoned shirt, do not button it all the way up. You also probably shouldn't wear any kind of free or company t-shirts. Stick to nice solid color tees or maybe tees with good clean designs. Anything too loud or obnoxious is going to hurt your overall presentation.

Above all, avoid any kind of bulky or ill fitting clothes as these are fashion no-no's. Many men grew up with their clothes bought by someone else, and that person most likely did not buy the right size. Shirts that hang off of the body are not a good fashion. While you don't want anything too tight, you definitely do not want baggy either. If your clothes are hanging off of you, go down a size.

Maintain personal grooming standards as well. Keep hair decently short and avoid any kind of mullet type situation for better fashion. While you don't need to keep your hair really short, hair that's far too long and unkempt is kind of a turn off. Keep an eye on facial hair, nose hair, and any ear hair that may develop. Any of the above are going to be a major fashion no-no to avoid in all cases.

If you avoid the most obvious fashion disasters, such as socks and sandles, then you should be on the path to a better fashion future. It really isn't that hard to do. Once you are in the habit of dressing well for fashion, it will stay with you.

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